The Law Offices of Michelle Gessner, PLLC offers clients a business-minded, common-sense approach to legal services, with an eye towards the clients’ bottom-line. Michelle has served as the Chief Litigation Counsel at several Fortune 500 companies positioning her to fully appreciate and understand the pressures associated with legal spend as well as the need to efficiently and effectively help companies get ahead of regulatory changes to ensure compliance and predict future challenges.

If your company is between general counsels and searching for a new one, we can step-in and perform the general counsel’s role for the entire company, or for specific sections such serve as Employment Law or Litigation counsel. If your company does not believe it is large enough to maintain the expense of a full-time general counsel or does not believe it needs a full time general counsel, we can perform that role and have successfully done so on a part-time basis.

Many businesses decide that the cost of in-house legal counsel outweighs the benefit, while other businesses find their in-house counsel need additional resources on a temporary basis, perhaps in a particular important area of law. The Law Offices of Michelle Gessner, PLLC provides “outside” or “outsourcedgeneral counsel services at a cost that is well-below that of maintaining one or more attorneys on staff. We commit to learning our clients’ goals and business models and craft legal solutions that fit into the overall mission of the company. We work closely with members of senior management, in-house attorneys and other outside counsel in a cost efficient manner.

With 18 years of legal expertise, Michelle has helped Fortune 500 companies streamline its litigation portfolios to manage resources more effectively as well as provide In-house Legal Department Design recommendations to best maximize internal resources. Michelle has also strategically managed challenging class action and multi party cases, leading companies to reach successful resolutions through her expert litigation management.

Her proven track record showcases her successful implementation of programs including:

  • Establishing early case resolution process, procedures and format to ensure companies are effectively litigating only the cases necessary
  • Training and developing in-house teams on setting legal reserves as well as identifying root causes of litigation and claims
  • Reduction of number of law firms to help businesses achieve improved cost efficiency and to build stronger relationships with key firm partners
  • Establishing early case warning systems by identifying claims/litigation trends to assist business partners in avoiding costly missteps
  • Report development: showcasing value to business partners and mitigating risk before litigation happens

Other Services We Offer

This list is not comprehensive so please call me or send an email to discuss your legal needs.
If I can’t help you, I will know someone who can regardless of subject matter or venue.