The Law Offices of Michelle Gessner, PLLC, offers clients a business-minded, common-sense approach to legal services, always keeping an eye on the client’s bottom line.

Michelle’s 18 years of experience, including as the Chief Litigation Counsel at Fortune 300 companies, positions her to fully appreciate and understand the pressures associated with outside counsel expenses. Additionally, our firm focuses on efficiently and effectively assisting companies in staying ahead of legal challenges and changes. Through our forward-planning approach, our clients predict and address future challenges.

Many businesses decide that the cost of in-house counsel outweighs the benefit, while other businesses find their in-house counsel need additional resources on a temporary basis, particularly in an important area of the law.

Our available General Counsel services provide a wide scope of coverage to our clients:

  • Interim General Counsel Services: While your Company searches for your next in-house General Counsel, our office will perform the General Counsel’s responsibilities:
    • For the entire company
    • Or for specific sections, such as Employment Law or Litigation Counsel
  • Fractional General Counsel Services: If you company needs a General Counsel on a less than full-time basis, our Practice serves companies as a General Counsel on an apportioned basis.
  • In-house Legal Department Design recommendations:
    • Maximizing internal resources
    • Streamlining litigation portfolios
    • Establishing early case resolution processes, procedures and formats
    • Training and developing in-house team on setting legal reserves
    • Reducing the number of law firms thus achieving better results and cost savings
    • Establish early case warning systems by identifying trends of claims/litigation
    • Producing reports to business partners to show value, and mitigate risks before litigation happens

Our Service Level Objectives

Our law office provides “outside” or “outsourced” general counsel services at a cost that is well below the costs of maintaining one or more attorneys on staff.

Our office serves out clients by:

  • Learning our clients’ goals and business models
  • Crafting legal solutions that maximize the overall mission, goals and objectives of the Company
  • Working closely with senior management, in-house attorneys and other outside counsel
  • Providing services efficiently and in a cost-efficient manner

This list is not comprehensive so please call me at 704-234-7442 or send an email to discuss your concerns and issues. Finding the right assistance is paramount. If I can’t help you, I will know someone who can, regardless of subject matter or venue.

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