Law Offices of Michelle Gessner Opens Wilmington, NC Office

Firm Expands Legal Services to North Carolina Coast

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(January 11, 2019, Wilmington, NC)

The Law Offices of Michelle Gessner, PLLC, which specializes in labor and employment law, is pleased to announce the opening of its new location in Wilmington, NC. This is the second location for the firm in addition to its office in Charlotte, NC.

The firm’s primary reason for expanding and opening the Wilmington office is to be able to provide legal services to employees and employers throughout the state, from the mountains to the coast. The office will be located at 1213 Culbreth Drive in Wilmington.

“We spend a lot of time in eastern NC, and having both offices permits us to seamlessly work and meet with our clients across the state,” said Michelle Gessner, Lawyer/Managing Member of The Law Offices of Michelle Gessner, PLLC.

In conjunction with the new office opening, the law firm has also launched a new website. OBX Media was responsible for the design, development and branding of the new site.

“We invested in the website update to highlight that we are a woman owned and operated business and that we offer a unique perspective on labor and employment law matters as a result of the vast experience of our team, including invaluable in-house counsel experience with several Fortune 500 companies,” said Gessner.

“We zealously represent hard-working employee clients with our depth of knowledge and experience on how employment litigation impacts companies and their bottom line, and we wanted the new site to focus on this. The updated website also makes it easier for clients to provide us with ‘intake’ information about their legal needs in a more efficient manner. The improved intake process will help facilitate a meaningful first conversation/consultation with potential clients. OBX Media helped us to showcase our all-female team in the overall refresh and brought new ideas and perspectives to our online presence.”

The Law Offices of Michelle Gessner, PLLC represents clients across North Carolina, from hard-working employees with workplace issues to companies wanting to avoid employment disputes or needing legal advice and counsel on employment matters. In addition, the office provides outside general counsel services to companies in need of routine assistance. Michelle Gessner is also a certified mediator and has mediated complex litigation cases throughout the country. Michelle has significant expertise and success in mediating labor and employment law matters.