Your contribution as a team member at GessnerLaw, PLLC is more than just a billable hour. It’s about impact. At GessnerLaw, PLLC, we leverage our platform to enhance impact—whether you are a lawyer, paralegal, legal assistant, marketing professional, a business development savant, or an operational expert. Your skills have value beyond the billable hour. And we have created a model to value those skills—all the skills.

Developing and refining our platform has taken time. With the benefit of time and perspective, we understand what we can do for you; how we can do it; and why it matters. Our compensation structure is creative. We work hard but also celebrate the “wins” and each other often. Our community engagement approach is customized. At GessnerLaw, PLLC, it’s about you. Clients pick lawyers, not law firms. We know that, and we believe our firm’s clients will pick you if they only had the opportunity to get to know you. So come join us. Be known. Be heard.

To be considered for any opportunity, we ask for some introspection: (1) are you organized; (2) are you self-motivated; (3) are you driven for success; and (4) do you know how to GSD “get stuff done”? If you can answer “Yes” to these four questions, we should meet!


We are currently not hiring.