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The key to a successful mediation is the mediator; it requires someone who displays superb interpersonal skills, truly listens to all parties involved, possesses creativity in problem-solving, and can retain the trust and credibility of both parties while possessing in-depth knowledge of the law.

Michelle Gessner has a proven track record of all these qualities and more.

NCDRC Certified Mediator

Michelle is an NCDRC Certified mediator and has mediated civil cases filed in North Carolina Superior Court and United States District Courts. As a successful female mediator and employment law attorney with over 18 years of legal experience handling tough conflicts at all levels, Michelle has a deep understanding of how disputes can best be handled to yield a favorable outcome.

Her experience in successfully resolving issues is entrenched in years of experience at both Big Law and Big Fortune 300 companies. Since 1999, Michelle’s substantial legal career has helped her develop and sharpen crucial interpersonal and listening skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to build credibility with the parties to help them reach resolutions that satisfy the interests of all involved.

employment law mediation

Michelle has significant business litigation experience, and a large portion of her career embodies handling complex labor and employment law matters. This experience uniquely qualifies her to mediate employment law matters, all of which are handled through her Employment Law Mediators service.

Michelle handles all types of general litigation mediation from her Charlotte and Wilmington, North Carolina law offices.

benefits of Mediation Over litigation

When looking to resolve a dispute, there are many benefits to choosing mediation before going to litigation or arbitration. For example:

1. You’re in control.

Mediation allows you to decide the outcome, in contrast with the litigation process, which puts the outcome in the hands of the judge or arbitrator. As your mediator, Michelle will listen to you, and, just as importantly, she makes sure the other side of the dispute hears and understands your point of view as well.

2. You’ll resolve your dispute faster and spend less.

Mediation is typically much faster and cheaper than litigation, which can often take months or even years to resolve in a courtroom. This equals dollar signs, as you incur more and more expenses. As a mediator, Michelle has helped resolve disputes amicably between parties in just a few hours, or in more complex cases, days.

3. You may salvage those bridges instead of burning them.

As your mediator, Michelle will ensure that everyone’s point of view is heard and that the final resolution of your dispute is mutually agreeable to every party. Arriving at mutually satisfactory settlements allows both parties to emerge from the dispute without hard feelings or ill will for one another, allowing the relationship to be amicable or even make amends in the future.
Actually, some parties who resolve their conflict via mediation are able to resume their relationships with a new understanding and respect.

4. You’ll have the luxury of flexibility.

In mediation, there are options available that wouldn’t normally be on the table if the dispute were handled by a judge or arbitrator who is restricted by strict parameters in accordance with the law. Mediation gives parties the freedom to arrive at more satisfying resolutions than would otherwise be available.

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