Litigation Paralegal

Our Ideal Candidate:

We know being a paralegal can be one of the toughest jobs at a law firm. Deadlines, especially litigation deadlines, are real, so we value creating an environment to facilitate collaboration. For this opportunity, we are searching for a person with grit, grace, and perseverance. Details must matter. Following up incessantly (i.e., “nagging”) is valued. Turning over every stone is encouraged. In this role, you can expect your feedback and input to be valued. You have a brain, which is valued in our office just as much as a law degree. We expect you to express your opinions and offer insight as to what you believe is the best course of action. We believe we are stronger together, and that works only if you understand the value of your contributions.

Preferred Experience
We need a team member with extensive litigation experience so you can handle tasks with minimal supervision.

Example Task Responsibilities – (1) initial case assessment; (2) initial client interviews; (3) locate and interview witnesses; (4) take witness statements; (5) create electronic case investigation notebooks; (6) organize documents; (7) create case chronologies; (8) draft pleadings, including the summons, complaint, and supporting affidavits; (9) create and maintain pleadings indexes; (10) file pleadings with the court; (11) calendar hearing dates and filing deadlines; (12) draft interrogatories, requests for production, and requests for admission; (13) track down knowledgeable persons within the client’s organization to prepare discovery responses; (14) create and maintain discovery indexes; (15) organize case files; (16) calendar discovery deadlines; and (17) conduct factual and legal research, including social media and secondary source research.

We need you to be proficient with Google Docs; Excel; Clio; and e-mail. We also need you to demonstrate exemplary telephone etiquette.

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