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(January 8, 2020)

The law firm formerly known as The Law Office of Michelle Gessner, PLLC, a North Carolina-based boutique litigation firm practicing primarily labor and employment law, is pleased to announce its new shortened name, GessnerLaw, PLLC. Along with this name change comes a complete rebrand to refresh the firm’s identity.

The female-owned and operated GessnerLaw, PLLC is celebrating its five-year anniversary in 2020, and to celebrate this milestone, additional changes have been made alongside the rebranding efforts. Michelle opened her doors in 2015 and by 2019, the firm opened its second location in Wilmington, NC. Now, GessnerLaw’s original Charlotte office has relocated to the historic G.G. Galloway House in the Dilworth neighborhood. The new location can be found at 602 East Morehead Street in Charlotte and affords a larger, expanded space to house the firm’s offices as well as their in-house mediation services.

With more space comes room for GessnerLaw to grow; there will be new opportunities available as the firm begins a hiring process to bring on an additional attorney as well as other strategic support positions. A marketing push is in the works through the Director of Communications position that the firm is adding. Through this role, the firm seeks to grow its personal brand and build its rapport with clients and the community in both the Charlotte and Wilmington areas that it serves.

“Developing and refining our platform has taken time. In 2020, we celebrate our five-year anniversary. With the benefit of time and perspective, we now understand better than ever what we can do for you; how we can do it; and why it matters” said Gessner. “Clients pick lawyers, not law firms. At GessnerLaw, PLLC, we leverage our platform and our extensive experience in litigation and labor and employment law to provide excellent legal services with an emphasis on building long-standing relationships.”

GessnerLaw, PLLC represents clients across North Carolina, such as employees with workplace issues who need legal advice and counsel on employment matters. Michelle Gessner is also a certified mediator and has mediated complex litigation cases throughout the country. Michelle has significant expertise and success in mediating labor and employment law matters.